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Our Commitment
Denkahimakukougyou has specialized in metal surface treatment, more commonly known as plating or coating, since its establishment in 1947. It is a technology with a rich history, but one that also relates to key processes in cutting-edge industries such as semiconductor manufacturing and solar battery development. One aspect of our business that could be considered unique are the inquiries we receive from leading manufacturers, particularly from their fundamental research laboratories and development divisions, for possible applications of our technology or manufacturing of customized high-specification products. Increasingly, those inquiries include needs for surface improvement that require technology other than plating. As specialists in engineering, our priority lies in providing concrete solutions to our clients, even if they come at the expense of profits.

Make-up for Metal
Metal surface treatment can add new value and functions as well as improved properties to metals. At Denkahimakukougyou, we call this "Make-up for Metal." Utilizing our proven plating and coating technology that adds sophisticated and high-value function to metal surfaces, coupled with the confidence built from our years of experience, we seek to further develop our R&D activities in pursuit of innovative surface treatment technology that is truly beneficial to manufacturers and end users, meeting the diverse needs of today. "Make-up for Metal" is a surface treatment we strive to develop now and in the future.

Corporate Philosophy and Policies
1. To function as a team of experts in surface treatment who stand by our customers and possess innovative technologies.
2. To win recognition as a supplier guaranteeing essential surface treatment functions, and continue developing processing methods that satisfy our customers.
3. To comply with environmental and safety regulation in order to assure environmentally-friendly, safe solutions.