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Aluminum, light and easy to handle, is used for many purposes in a wide variety of areas from kitchenware to rocket components. It is also known as a metal with a touch of warmth and clear surface density, while other metals often have rather cold visual images.

As future society requires a higher sense of comfort and enrichment, aluminum will have an increasingly higher value as a metal material absolutely necessary to our daily life.

Utilizing our deep experience and knowledge proven through long-standing work, Denkahimakukougyou is committed to develop new surface treatment technology to upgrade numerous properties of aluminum, add new functions to it, and make it appear even more appealing.


Anodizing is often followed by coloring and sealing. The former makes use of the porosity of the layers created to promote dye absorption, achieving higher decoration and printing effect. It is an ideal process to draw out the unique advantages of aluminum alloy.

1. Standard coloring
Denkahimakukougyou's standard coloring method, normally applied unless otherwise requested.

2. Shot blasting
Denkahimakukougyou offers dry shot blasting services, blasting such media as iron powder (reduced iron powder), glass beads, and alumina in a dry condition to achieve a homogenized material surface. We choose blasting media of the most appropriate grain size to polish out small abrasions and scratches.

3. Chemical etching
A method to use acid or alkali to apply constant, non-directional matte finishing to material surfaces. Used for coloring products with complicated shapes or for products that might have their shape affected by shot blasting. Mainly applied to components for optical systems, including parts with important optical characteristics.

4.Chemical polishing
A method to chemically polish metal surfaces using acidic or alkaline solutions. Eliminates oxide from base materials and metal surfaces, applying soluble salt thickly to concave surfaces and thinly to convex surfaces, leveling the chemical reaction on both types of surfaces.

5.Hairline finishing
A method to polish metal surfaces using polishing media such as brushes to create directional hairline surface patterns. Buffing is required to ensure its effectiveness, as even a small scratch will lower the quality. At Denkahimakukougyou, both buffing and hairline finishing are performed manually by our specialists.

Please refer to color samples for all five methods here.

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