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Research and Analysis

Denkahimakukougyou is engaged in research on new applications of alumite film or plating, and development of coatings that are best suited to the particular needs of each customer. In addition, we offer new ideas for surface improvement without plating.
We support requests from research laboratories for new applications of plating to achieve required surface conditions. For sensitive research containing confidential details, we will sign nondisclosure contracts before launching joint research activities. 。

We perform analysis of defects of coatings and metal surfaces. Denkahimakukougyou is capable of offering the following analysis services. (All except A. are pay services.)

A. Microscope (Keyence): up to 1,000 times magnification

B. Electron scanning microscope (FE-SEM): surface observation

C. X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS/ESCA): surface compositional analysis, Å order

D. Electron beam micro analyzer (EPMA): surface analysis, μm order

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